LSBF Singapore Campus Hosts Grand Orientation Event for UoG Freshmen

LSBF Singapore Campus Hosts Grand Orientation Event for UoG Freshmen

On Monday 15 January, the London School of Business and Finance Singapore campus kicked off the academic year with a spectacular orientation session, marking the beginning of an exciting journey for over 100 new students enrolled in LSBF’s collaborative programme with the University of Greenwich (UoG).

The event was graced by Dr Raj Dass, Principal Lecturer and International Partnerships Coordinator for South East Asia at the University of Greenwich. Dr Raj Dass provided insights into the academic landscape and set the tone for a transformative learning experience that awaits the incoming students.

Dr Mohamed Siddiq, Deputy Head of School of Business and Law, emphasised the importance of extracurricular activities and clubs within the LSBF community and encouraged students to embrace a holistic approach to their learning journey. He said: “As you navigate through your studies, remember that learning extends beyond the classroom. Take advantage of the diverse activities that LSBF has to offer. These experiences will not only complement your academic journey but also help you develop crucial life skills.”

The orientation event at LSBF Singapore campus not only set the stage for academic excellence but also created an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation as the new students embark on their learning through these collaborative partnership programmes.

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