Private Education Institution Wins Highest Award At The Annual School Green Awards

Private Education Institution Wins Highest Award At The Annual School Green Awards

London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) in Singapore is proud to be awarded the Lotus Award in the School Green Award category, the highest award in the school category under the institutions of higher learning.

This is the school’s third consecutive year attaining achievement (in the Schools' Green Award organized by Singapore Environment Council) with a higher recognition each year.

The evaluation for the award takes into consideration of energy management, waste management, water management, infrastructure and initiatives in promoting environmental protection, 3R recycling efforts etc. Being one of the highest award that requires award recipient to garner an overall score of 95%, showcasing innovative environmental project and participating in an external activity to promote Singapore's sustainability.

Lsbf Singapore Lotus Award1
Lsbf Singapore Lotus Award2

 “I am delighted at our achievements, but more importantly, impressed with our community’s commitment and fortitude to persevere despite our limited resources as a private education institution.” commented Rathakrishnan Govind, Managing Director of LSBF in Singapore.

From conceptualising the design and creating the prototype, to showcasing the creative recycling bin at Green Living 2016 and garnering votes on different platforms, LSBF in Singapore’s Green committee and Go Green student club have certainly come a long way.

“The team meets monthly and spearheaded many green projects throughout the year. Our green ecosystem involves staff and students, it hasn’t been an easy task since we all have other roles. All, who are involved, worked really hard and it is awesome to get the recognition we deserve.” added Muhammad Husain, Quality Assurance Manager at LSBF in Singapore

In addition to winning the Lotus Award, the school also won the Top Prize in the Schools' Recycling Bin Design Competition.

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