Conquering The Global Market with a MBA in Singapore

Conquering The Global Market with a MBA in Singapore

Opening up more opportunities

If you are a fresh graduate, holding bachelor degree, I am pretty sure you have spent days and nights hunting for job and dreaming that the perfect job will show up. I’ve been through those phases myself: scrolling through websites, googling ‘job opportunities, and probably a thousand other ways to get a job. More often than not, that fresh-grad dream is crushed by the harsh reality. Job Requirement.

Eventually, as fresh grads browse through the seemingly-endless job opportunities, they realize that bachelor degree just does not seem to cut it anymore.Master of Business Administration, or MBA, seems to be one of the answers to open new doors in the competitive job market. The numbers tell us the same as well. 2015 year-end poll of employers by GMAC reveals that 3 in 4 employers globally expect to hire MBA graduates. According to PayScale, upon graduation the majority of MBAs earn about S$50,000 while the more experienced graduates earn up to S$200,000 every year.

Choosing the right one

Once you are set to get your MBA, you will realize that it is not the hardest decision in your life anyway – because the next question will be even tougher: where to get your MBA? We all can tell how popular MBA is among graduates, from the tons of MBA programs offered out there. So, let’s narrow down the choices by country. Which country would you want to study at?

While it is really tempting to indulge in your long-time dream of studying and living in a romantic and beautiful country (I mean, who will say no to living in Paris!), do think also about what will benefit you in the long term. You will be spending a huge amount of money and sweat (and maybe, tears) on this, so why not make it a choice that you won’t regret?

The first thing to do is to observe where the tide is shifting – and I don’t mean picking cities with the best beaches here – you need to identify where the money and opportunity are going to. If you think the answer is the U.S. or Europe, think again. Despite the glitz and glamour painted by the media, the U.S. (and the west, in general) now seems like a place more for our parents' era. 

A study by summarized 35 years of the world’s economy: in 1980, Europe's economy was about 32% of global economy. Asia’s was  20%, and… Voila, by 2012, the points were reversed.

I don't think we are breaking new ground when we say Asia is the next big thing. With population of more than 4.4 billion peopleand increasing spending power, Asia is a goldmine for businesses dying to tap on it.

The heart of Asia

And, where in Asia? Assuming you want to land a good job, lets follow the big MNCs. The rated no.1 employer, Google recently set up its engineering hub in Singapore and went on massive recruitment. Facebook hires bulk of its Asia positions from Singapore.  Other companies and banks have their Asia headquarters in Singapore. 

Why Singapore?

Many reasons; low tax, strategic geographic position, availability of talents like yourself. (you learn more about these things when you take your MBA)

The most obvious reason is, of course, language. The national language is English – which means less language barrier for them, and for you (well, you are reading this English article!).

Singapore offers not just top-notch education system, but is also well-known for its innovation and high quality of life,  and was named the Top Three ‘Best Student Cities’ in 2013 QS Ranking.

I'm sure you are not looking to go to a country to bury yourself in textbook and totally geek out over studies. You also need to have a life! Incidentally, Singapore being a multicultural nation (not unlike US), presents a fertile ground for you to make friends from all nations and cultures. Also because it is multicultural, youget to meet your own countrymen here (incase you feel homesick!). Not to mention that Singapore is also ultra safe, so you can easily convince your parents to let you come. :p The list goes on about its merits, but you get the idea.

Once you are set which country you are going to study at, you need to determine the best school to apply to – which is, another tough decision to make.  If you are still harboring your U.S. qualification but do not want to miss the Asia opportunity. How about taking a U.S. education in a Singapore school? Institution like LSBF, collaborates with American university to bring the international education to budding MBA students. Let's admit it, U.S. still boasts one of the best education system in the world producing bright minds like Mark Zuckerburg, Elon Musk and Bill Gates. Their education style encourages creative thinking and nurtures problem-solving ability. Coupled with a thriving job market in Singapore, you literally have the best of both worlds!

Now, you are set to apply to get the degree of your life!

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