Want to Pursue an MBA but Short on Time? Mini-MBAs are Your Best Option

Want to Pursue an MBA but Short on Time? Mini-MBAs are Your Best Option

In recent years, Mini-MBAs have been sprouting up across business schools all around the world. Even top universities like Harvard are offering these short, accelerated programmes for busy professionals who want to gain a leg-up in their careers.

So, why are Mini-MBAs worth your investment?

Fits Easily into Your Schedule

As compared to a typical MBA programme which can take up to two years to complete, a Mini-MBA is delivered over a short period ranging from a week to several months. This is a major merit for working professionals who do not have the luxury of pursuing long-term studies.

More Affordable

Traditional MBA programmes can cost anywhere between $20,000 and $150,000. This hefty sum can impede many individuals from advancing their education.

Mini-MBAs are a much more cost-effective alternative for those looking to hone their managerial skills and earn a certificate. In fact, depending on the awarding institution, most Mini-MBAs will not cost you more than $6,000!

Focussed Approach (And No Exams!)

While Mini-MBAs can be rather intensive, they follow a highly focussed structure.  

Mini-MBAs typically cover core business disciplines such as management, human relations, and finance, which are key requirements in a management role.

Another advantage of Mini-MBAs is that it involves few to no exams. This is especially helpful for most working professionals who have lost the momentum to study and sit through nerve-wracking examinations!

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