Congratulations, Prize Winners!

Congratulations, Prize Winners!

LSBF in Singapore is proud to announce the Prize Winners for the ACCA examination, December 2011 sitting. They have come in First, Second or Third place in Singapore for the F8, F9, P1, P4 and P5 papers respectively. Their placing worldwide is below 20. These are exceptional achievements as the worldwide pass rate for these papers are 36, 38, 51, 34 and 29.

Most of the winners were grateful to their tutors, Saminathan S/O Malayandi and Paul Owen Merison, respectively. They believe they would not have done it if not for the support from their tutors. With the understanding that an ACCA qualification has a worldwide recognition, the students feel that it is important for their career advancement.

We are proud of these winners and hope they would continue to achieve outstanding results with LSBF.

Lsbf Singapore Cassandra Lo
Lsbg Singapore Ng Wei
Lsbf Singapore Zhang Nai
Lsbf Singapore Ou Jiaming
Lsbf Singapore Cheon Yee
Lsbf Singapore Dang Thi
Lsbf Singapore Rohini Ramachandran

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