12 ACCA prize winners in December 2012

12 ACCA prize winners in December 2012

LSBF in Singapore (LSBF) is proud to announce that we have produced 12 ACCA prize winners for the December 2012 ACCA Examinations. So far, we have produced a total of 27 Prize Winners in the past 3 ACCA examination sittings since LSBF officially opened its door in Singapore in June 2011. 

Our December 2012 ACCA prize winners have come in first, second or third place in Singapore for F6, P2, P4, P5 and P6 papers. They are placed top 30 worldwide, which is a remarkable feat achieved by all of them.

These prize winners have done an exceptionally good job under the tutelage of LSBF tutors Saminathan S/O Malayandi, Roy Goh and Yvonne Goh. Remarkably, LSBF tutor Yvonne was instrumental in helping 7 LSBF students become prize winners for the F6 and P6 papers.

It is also worth mentioning that Low Kang De, one of LSBF’s prize winners in the June 2012 exam sitting, performed remarkably once again in the December 2012 Examinations. He placed 2nd in Singapore and 8th worldwide for the F6 paper — Taxation (Singapore).

LSBF would like to congratulate all our ACCA prize winners and students on their outstanding performance and hope that they would continue to strive for greater achievement with LSBF.

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