Is an MBA in International Business better than a regular MBA?

Is an MBA in International Business better than a regular MBA?

International business focuses almost exclusively on issues related to the economies around the world but has a significant impact on the livelihood of every individual as well.

When learning about international business you get to comprehensively study marketing, operations, finance and other core functions on a global scale, which is where the difference between earning an MBA with a specialisation in international business and the regular kind lies.

If you are someone who often goes through news related to global trade, investment and environments, then believe us when we say that you are well cut out for international business jobs.

Read this blog post to find out how you can develop expertise in all kinds of business, as well as acquire an adaptable and dynamic skill set by pursuing an international business MBA from Singapore.

What is an MBA?

A master in business administration is commonly considered the best route to land broad career prospects, after the student has completed their graduation, and is willing to excel in their own business or become a senior manager at an organisation.

With an overall subject focus on business, a conventional MBA degree can be studied on campus, online or via hybrid learning options. Through the acquisition of knowledge in strategic management, business ethics and leadership concepts, this course will prepare you for a diverse array of careers including a sales manager, an entrepreneur or a marketing manager.

What is an MBA in international business?

An MBA in international business typically focuses on understanding business topics within an international framework, where you can learn about multicultural management, global supply chains, international marketing and globalisation.

With a global trade-oriented curriculum, having a master’s degree in business administration in international business under your belt can give you real-world professional experience, as well as study abroad opportunities, preparing you for a career as a multinational business developer, a global marketing manager or an international consultant.


Entrance Requirements

For a regular MBA degree, graduates with a bachelor’s degree or a diploma in any academic discipline are welcome to apply. Applicants with substantial professional experience may also apply.

To enrol yourself in an MBA international business programme you must study some of the topics related to the global business platform in your undergrad and ensure you are well-equipped with the skills required to pursue the MBA IB’s broad curriculum.

Course curriculum

Traditional MBA graduates are required to undergo quantitative methods of business and then opt for mainstream business specialisations in information systems, operations management, consulting, finance and human resources.

An MBA IB training comes with an affinity towards academic research along with global business content, where the subject matter taught tends to be more advanced, making it more suitable for students who want to get a taste of the global business environment.

Career prospects

The cutting edge skills in investments and trade earned via an MBA can lay a solid foundation of business skills that allow you to take up domestic and international leadership positions by demonstrating your deep business expertise.

On the other hand, the career outcomes of an international business MBA degree is slightly different based on the solid multicultural business abilities that can help you take up roles such as technical advisor, sales director or implementation manager by showcasing your excellent coordination skills.

Work experience

Although a basic MBA programme doesn’t require students to possess previous professional experience, learning the modern structure of an MBA in international business management becomes easier if you possess corporate training and necessary enrichment techniques, as well as knowledge in your branch of the professional network outside the academic environment.

So, have you decided which master’s of business administration MBA is right for you?

Choose Singapore to achieve your master’s of business administration in international business degree and experience a unique and vibrant classroom environment that blends both business and academia to offer you a course that is exciting and invaluable when it comes to approaching business problems holistically.

London School of Business and Finance, Singapore (LSBF SG)’s MBA programme on International Business emphasizes the development of both managerial and soft skills for students to become successful in our globalised labour market and make their candidature stand out! 


1. Is the MBA IB a real MBA?

An MBA in international business is more than just your typical MBA. The course prioritises student’s participation in business assignments focused on sustainability, E-commerce and artificial intelligence, with a programme structure that is both immersive and stimulating at the same time.

2. What is the scope of an MBA international business in 2022?

Undergoing an international business MBA programme in 2022 will not only take you closer to earning lucrative salaries but also look after your overall job growth and advance your academic progress by bringing about the possibility of applying for higher education in business.

3. Which country is best for studying an MBA international business?

Singapore is considered one of the best cities to pursue your MBA in international business as it will enable you to delve into internal issues in greater depth, as well as allow you to develop specific multinational knowledge and management skills required to hold leadership positions in your preferred field.

Suggested Programmes

MBA in International Business

Throughout the programme, you will develop your understanding of global strategy, international marketing, sustainability and international entrepreneurship.

MA in International Business

This MA programme will help you understand about international business strategy whilst developing your leadership, problem-solving and collaboration skills.

Postgraduate Diploma in Business

Focus on economics, business and business statistics in the postgraduate diploma to excel in your career or even progress onto an MBA programme.

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