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LSBF ACCA online, the new and innovative solution to complete your ACCA journey. LSBF provides a different experience for students who need the flexibility on time and learning pace but not sacrificing the quality of the content by using LSBF’s highly experienced local tutors. Students have the flexibility to choose the mode of study for particular papers such as online learning, face to face learning or both. As the best private Education intuition for Accountancy, we want to provide the best ACCA solution for our ACCA students.

Few reasons why Study ACCA with LSBF

Highly experienced local tutors video

LSBF FIRST ACCA online programme with your local tutor's content

ACCA platinum Provider

Best Private School for Accountancy*

Local course materials

Unlimited access to our quizzes and mock exam

Watch as many times as you need

On all devices

Flexibility learning pace

Blended Learning

Your LSBF ACCA Online Pack consist of:


Local Tutors' HD Videos

A series of online videos recorded by our local tutors to support our students in studying. Students can watch the videos as many times as they wish for greater understanding of key concepts.



Full description, critical summary and detailed workings of all the revision questions by respective lecturers for better understanding of topics. The summarised notes serve as a study-friendly guide for students on how to connect main ideas and prioritise key points for the subject.


Revision Questions and Answers

Comprises past year papers on core topics with model answers by ACCA tutors.


E Quizzes

Set of MCQ questions. The purpose is not to assess learning, but to provide students a way to remember what they have learned.


Progress test

Progress Test Papers are set up by LSBF tutors based on past year papers.


E-Revision Kit

The E-Revision Kit has the same content as our printed books. It is also:

  • Accessible on multiple (up to 4) devices (i.e. if you don’t have your PC on hand, you can still access the E-Revision Kit on your smartphone or tablet)
  • Available offline once downloaded
  • Optimised to fit the device you are using
  • Revision-friendly: Highlight and add notes on your revision material

Discussion Forum

Online forum for students to discuss relevant subject and academic topics.

acca online programme with your local tutors


Yvonne Goh Full-Time Tutor ACCA Papers: F6, P6


Saminathan S/O Malayandi Full-Time Tutor ACCA Papers: F5, F7, F9, P5, P2, P4


Daniel Chee Full-Time Tutor ACCA Papers: F8, P1 and P7


Roy Goh Full-Time Tutor ACCA Papers: F5, F7, P2, P5, P7


Domnic Danaraj Peter Full-Time Tutor ACCA Papers: F1, P1, P3, P5


Ramesh Balakrishnan Full-Time Tutor ACCA Papers: F4


Ghan Shyam Dubey s/o Devandra Nath Full-Time Tutor ACCA Papers: F2, F3, F5

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