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Daniel Chee

Daniel has been teaching Audit and Assurance, AA (previously known as F8) and Advanced Audit and Assurance, AAA (previously known as P7) for more than 10 years. He was working as an auditor in Big 4 audit firms in London and Singapore for many years. He was an Adjunct Associate Professor of the NUS Business School and an Adjunct Professor of the business school of the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS).

His teaching focuses on simplifying complex concepts with both practical examples and examination usage. Practicing past exam questions throughout the course is the key feature of his lessons that adequately prepare students to pass and excel in exams.

What do students say about Daniel?

Name: Ong Chai Lai

  • Exam sitting: ACCA September 2016 Examination Sitting
  • Paper Won: P7
  • Placing in Singapore: 3rd
  • Testimonial: "Mr Chee from LSBF is able to simplify every complicated points in this paper so that we could easily understand what is required for each questions. He advised us to keep practicing other papers under examination condition so I can improve on my speed of writing as well as familiarize with the examination technique."

Name: Song Weiming

  • Exam sitting: ACCA June 2016 Examination Sitting
  • Paper Won: F8
  • Placing in Singapore: 3rd
  • Testimonial: "Mr Chee is a good tutor as he is able to use various examples to explain the different audit points. And his style of teaching suits me as he goes through pass year questions after explaining a key point which had helped me to become a prize winner."

Name: Amrita Ray

  • Exam sitting: ACCA June 2016 Examination Sitting
  • Paper Won: P7
  • Placing in Singapore: 2nd
  • Testimonial: "Without Mr Daniel's classes, notes and suggestions, I would not have clinch the prize winner spot!"

Name: Thong kah Chun

  • Exam sitting: ACCA June 2016 Examination Sitting
  • Paper Won: P1
  • Placing in Singapore: 3rd
  • Testimonial: "Mr Daniel Chee definitely helped me in clinching the prize winner spot. His funny anecdotes had helped me to better remember syllabus well and his detailed explanations had helped with better understanding on the techniques."
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