Loh Hak Chong

Full-time Tutor

Loh Hak Chong

Hi, my name is LohHC and please call me “HC”. I joined LSBF in 2013 as the first Adjunct Lecturer in School of Hospitality and converted to Full-time in 2018.

Prior to joining LSBF, I was in Sony, Philips, StarHub, Creative Technology and Kah Motor (Honda) to take care of its Asia Pacific markets. Fortunately, I love travelling and I spent half of my life working and learning from outside my home country, Singapore. The 1997 Asian Financial Crisis is a wake-up call to me; I learned not to rely solely on one source of income. As a result, I supplement my savings through conducting evening classes as an Adjunct Lecturer.

Learning is my passion and Sharing is my obligation to groom the next generation of corporate leaders. That is the reason why I chose Training as a career while I descend myself towards the Route of Happiness. After all, I strongly believe in this –

Love What You Do; Do What You Love.

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