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Preparatory Course for Singapore Chartered Accountant Qualification - Foundation Programme – Singapore Taxation (TXF)


The Singapore Taxation module equips candidates with the core knowledge of the underlying principles and major technical areas of taxation through a variety of business and personal scenarios and situations. Upon completion of this module, candidates should be able to compute tax liabilities, explain the basis of their calculations, apply ethical tax-planning techniques for individuals and companies, and identify the compliance issues for each major tax type. 

Course Outline
  • Explain the overall function and purpose of the taxation system in the Singapore economy, identifying the different types of taxes (revenue, direct and indirect), and the principal sources of revenue law and practice, including how the domestic tax laws interact with that of other jurisdictions, as well as differentiate between tax avoidance and tax evasion.
  • Define the scope of individual tax, including income from employment, self-employment, investment income, and the comprehensive computation of taxable income and liability to tax, taking into account allowable exemptions and reliefs. 
  • Define the scope of tax and profits chargeable to corporate income tax and the comprehensive computation of corporate income tax liability, taking into account group structures and identify exemptions and reliefs available to companies to minimise tax liabilities legally and ethically. 
  • Compute income tax liabilities, explain the basis of the calculations, apply ethical tax-planning techniques, and identify compliance issues for sole-proprietorships and corporate entities, including corporate groups. 
  • Maintain Goods and Services Tax (GST) records and file GST returns. 
  • Position the body of knowledge within the wider legal framework in Singapore and apply professional ethics.
Assessment / Certificate of Attainment

No assessment or certificate is involved in this course. The Foundation Course allows entry into the Singapore CA Qualification for interested candidates without an accredited accountancy degree. Students may sit an external examination conducted by Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC) after the course.

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for candiates without an accredited accountancy degree who would like to prepare themselves for entry into the Singapore CA Qualification Professional Programme.

Course Duration

Physical Classroom: 42 hours (inclusive mock exam review 3hr)

Assessment: 3 hours

Online Training: 10 hours (Supplementary videos)

No. of Training days: 14 days

Learning Materials

Students will be given a set of the learning pack prepared by LSBF tutor.

Teacher Student Ratio


Course Fee


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