ACCA online course fees

Online prices

Price for one paper Premium Tuition Standard Tuition Premium Revision Standard Revision

Accountant in Business (F1)

MA Management Accounting (F2)

FA Financial Accounting (F3)

$800.00 $650.00 N/A N/A

Corporate and Business Law (F4)

PM Performance Management (F5)

TX Taxation (F6)

FR Financial Reporting (F7)

AA Audit & Assurance (F8)

FM Financial Management (F9)

$975.00 $825.00 $535.00 $400.00
SBL Strategic Business leader (P1 and P3) $1,660.00 $1,500.00 $940.00 $725.00

SBR Strategic Business Reporting (P2)

AFM Advanced Financial Management (P4)

APM Advanced Performance Management (P5)

ATX Advanced Taxation (P6)

AAA Advanced Audit & Assurance (P7)

$1,070.00 $920.00 $585.00 $440.00


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