ACCA AAA Advanced Audit and Assurance
(formerly P7)

Throughout the Advanced Audit & Assurance paper, you will discover the daily challenges faced by auditors in their professional lives. You will also consider how to perform audit assignments based on the regulatory framework and other professional and ethical considerations.

Advanced Audit and Assurance

Exam Structure

The paper-based exam will be made up of two sections.

  • Section A: This section comprises of a 50-mark case study which will involve planning an audit for a single company, a group of companies or several audit clients.
  • Section B: This section contains two compulsory 25-mark questions both based around a short scenario. Formats could include assessing going concern, critiquing an auditor’s report or evaluating identified misstatements.

Paper syllabus​

The ACCA Advanced Audit and Assurance syllabus is made up of seven sections:

Regulatory environment: You will develop your understanding of the international regulatory frameworks for audit and assurance services as well as money laundering and laws and regulations.

Professional and ethical considerations: You will learn about the Code of Ethics and Conduct as well as fraud, error and professional liability.

Quality control and practice management: You will consider quality control, advertising, tendering and obtaining professional work and fees. You will also consider professional appointments.

Planning and conducting an audit of historical financial information: You will develop your knowledge of planning, materiality and assessing the risk of material misstatement. You will also learn about audit procedures and obtaining evidence.

Completion, review and reporting: You will consider going concern, auditor’s reports and reports to those charged with governance and management.

Other assignments: You will focus on the audit of social, environmental and integrated reporting as well as the reporting of other assignments.

Current issues and developments: You will consider professional and ethical developments and their impact on the audit procedure.

Daytime sessions run between 9.45am-1.15pm.

Afternoon sessions run between 2.00pm-5.30pm.

Evening sessions run between 6.45pm-10.15pm.

Depending on your personal schedule or work commitment, LSBF Singapore gives you the chance to choose between on-campus or online teaching.

By the time you have completed the ACCA AAA paper you will be able to:

  • Confidently discuss the legal and regulatory environment as well as its impact on audit and assurance practices
  • Work effectively on an assurance engagement keeping in mind the professional and ethical framework
  • Recommend the appropriate quality control policies and procedures in practice management whilst also recognising the auditor’s position in relation to the acceptance and retention of professional appointments
  • Complete work to the standards set by the International Standards on Auditing
  • Draft reports based on findings and results of work performed
  • Complete work based on the objectives of non-audit assignments
  • Understand current issues and developments within the audit and assurance sector

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