WSQ – Application Development (SF) (Synchronous and Asynchronous -e-learning)

The Application development course aims to equip learners with the knowledge and skills in creating simple apps to be deployed. Students will learn how to design the interface for their apps and store and manipulate data, have logic sequences, and making-decision (logic) as well as mobile features. Students will also learn how to automate processes in application logic. Learners will be able to familiarize themselves with creating apps, create and design UI and layout, analyse the Logics in-app, use techniques for storing information and data, use appropriate methods decision-making in apps by applying the steps for automation in apps deployment. Furthermore, learners will be able to plan the application development process, program applications, and secure features, applying suitable debugging techniques to resolve complex errors.

WSQ – Application Development (SF) (Synchronous and Asynchronous -e-learning)

Key Facts 

  • Course duration: Please refer to the details below

  • Intake dates: Start in December 

  • Course Validity: Till 5th January 2024
  • Total training fee: S$1,950 (Price inclusive of GST)

  • Funding: Up to 90% of funding is available. Please see the criteria below

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This course is specifically designed to develop learners' professional skills and capabilities in designing and conducting data studies to drive organisational decisions and insights. It aims to equip learners with skills to conduct organisational data collection, preparation, analysis, and data analytics capability by improving business performance criteria and data design for organizational processes. Learners will be able to uncover actionable comprehensions from data and identify opportunities within their respective departments or organisation where data can be influenced. The Synchronous and Asynchronous mode, as well as face-to-face strategies, will provide learners to be able to on time-based practical assignments, quizzes, and forums for discussions.


Please choose one of the following options:


4.5 days, 9 AM - 6 PM (Monday - Friday). 9 hours/day *4 days + 3 hours of Assessment.


2 weekends (Saturday and Sunday) + 3 hours of Assessment. 


14.5 days - 2 weeks, 7 PM - 10 PM (Monday - Friday). 


Customized upon corporate request. 


3 months, 1 session/week, 3 hours/session.

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

1) Create project plan to manage application development using appropriate life cycle framework and processes.

2) Determine programming languages, testing techniques, and security requirements.

3) Design UI-driven Logic using security standards, application development review using a myriad of tools, codes, and design templates. 

4) Assess testing and debugging techniques by assessing the results.

5) Resolve functional, performance security threats, decision making, reconfiguration, and integration of applications.

6) Plan steps to include steps to improve UI, UX, and security of the software and applications.

7) Plan to bundle application security enhancement features, deployment, and use of application code. 

8) Setup infrastructure for application deployment through virtual machines, containerisation across various setups.


The assumed skills and knowledge for this course are as follows:

  • Aged between 21 years old or above;
  • Minimum must have ONE GCE “O” Level;
  • Able to read, listen and speak English at a proficiency level equivalent to Employability Skills System (ESS) Literacy Level 6;
  • Able to count with a proficiency equivalent to Employability Skills System (ESS) Numeracy Level 6;
  • Have basic computer literacy (Workplace Skills Series - Information & Communication Technologies Skills).

Learners may be required to submit the relevant documents conforming to the pre-requisites for the course as stated above where necessary, if they do not meet the pre-requisites.

If the learner does not meet the entry requirement, the learner would be rejected from the course.

This accreditation enables Singaporeans and Singapore PR holders to get a part of their course funded by the SSG. Subjected to the eligibility and funding caps, the funding support is up to 90% for Singaporeans and up to 80% for Singapore PR holders.

Course Fee Funding for Self-sponsored Individuals (as of 30 Apr 2021)

Certifiable courses approved by SSG Course level Courses starting before 1 Jan 2022 Courses starting on or after 1 Jan 2022
Singapore Citizens (SCs) and Permanent Residents (PRs) (Self-sponsored individuals must be at least 21 years old) PMET Up to 50% of course fees, capped at $15 per hour Up to 50% of course fees
Non-PMET Up to 80% of course fees, capped at $17 per hour
SCs aged ≥ 40 years old (SkillsFuture Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy) PMET Up to 90% of course fees, capped at $50 per hour Up to 70% of course fees
Non-PMET Up to 90% of course fees, capped at $25 per hour

To receive funding from SSG, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Pass the course
  • Achieve a minimum of 75% of the attendance
  • Must not be barred from receiving government grants

  • You may also be eligible for the course fee (CF) funding at the current rates offered by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). For more details, please refer to this page.
  • Individuals aged 40 and above may also be eligible for the SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy (MCES). For more details, please refer to this page.
  • Singaporeans may also use their SkillsFuture credit to offset course fees payable. For more details, please refer to this page.


Explain software development life cycle models for applications. Analyse various application development tools and methodologies, frameworks, and their various applications. Create apps with interfaces and features and a project plan to implement an application.

Connect to various data sources and preview apps. Design and implement Layout tools and design and create a simple logic application (calculator).

Design and create a Block view. Implement event-driven logic. Design, create and add logic to your app.

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