Developing an Innovation Culture for Service Excellence

The programme will help participants to appreciate the importance of achieving excellent customer service daily. The programme will also emphasize the importance of a mindset change to become innovative in our pursuit of exceptional service. Participants will learn the meaning of exceptional service, identify the barriers to delivering great service and learn to adapt to specific types of customers and their expectations.

Through case studies, video presentations and discussion, participants will be introduced to the principles of five-star service. They will also get opportunities to explore innovative approaches to achieving service excellence by employing creative thinking process when dealing with customer expectations.

Developing an Innovation Culture for Service Excellence

Key Facts

  • Start Date: 13 September 2023
  • Duration: 1 day, 10am-5pm
  • Delivery Mode:
    • On campus (Face-to-face training)
  • Fees: 

    S$680.00* (Incl. of 9% GST)



Managers, Executives, front line staff who deal with internal and external customers daily.

  • Power point presentation
  • Case studies on video and sharing
  • Self-evaluation Questionnaires
  • Group discussion
  • Action plans

  • Recognize the importance of building and maintaining excellent customer service
  • Understand internal and external customers, their needs, and expectations
  • Learn to set targets, monitor performance, and encourage each other to achieve excellence
  • To appreciate the need for creativity and innovation in achieving great customer service
  • To learn creative problem-solving strategies which can be applied to solving customer issues

Upon successful completion of the Programme, participants will be awarded a verified digital certificate by London School of Business and Finance, Executive Education.

Course Outline

◆ Defining service and Identifying your specific customers
◆ Identifying Customer Needs (Group and individual exercise)
◆ Video – ‘The Invisible Customer’ Strategies for identifying and working with customers
◆ How Customers Interpret Us (Our visual, verbal, and vocal responses)
◆ The SMILE Principle (Sincerity, motivation, Integrity, laughter, enthusiasm)
◆ Communication skills (Verbal skills including the use of positive language and courtesy)
◆ Listening and clarifying to enhance empathy and positive relationships with customers
◆ Qualities of an exceptional service provider (Case studies)
◆ Group discussion and sharing of encounters with difficult customers
◆ Understanding what makes some customers demanding or difficult
◆ Summary of key learning points followed by Q&A

◆ Understand users’ needs
◆ Synthesize information and discover insights
◆ Create an actionable problem statement to unify and inspire the team
◆ Activities: Empathy Map, Challenging Assumptions, Problem Definition

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