Real Time Management - Stop time wasters and get real work done!

Time is one of the most important resource and how you spend it will greatly influence your success. Learn how to prioritise your work, control distractions and say "no" in this course designed for those who want to get more real work done. Through this programme, participants will also learn how to develop a positive attitude towards their work and improve their productivity and overcome the temptation to procrastinate.

Real Time Management

Key Facts

  • Duration: 2 days, 10am-5pm (12 hours)
  • Delivery Mode:
    • Live Online
    • On campus (please note our campus is currently closed due to Covid-19)
  • Fees: SGD $1,070


Graduates, Students, SMEs, Sport people and Business professionals who want greater control of their time, management style and life.

Hand-outs and recommended text.

A certificate of attendance will be issued to participants who have attended and completed the programme.

Dr Luuk van Breda has more than 35 years' experience helping both businesses and individuals realise their full potential. Working on projects ranging from USD 5m to USD 350m, his work has taken him all over the world including nearly 20 years in South East Asia.

This has afford him a deep understanding of regional markets. His professional experience with organisations of all sizes, from SMEs to large domestic and international corporates in both the private and public sector ensures that Dr van Breda has a strong grasp of all major business and people drivers.

Dr van Breda has spent the last 4 years creating, developing and delivering a sophisticated and detailed training methodology built around the '4 Pillars' of Communication, Negotiation, Presentation & Listening Skills.

Dr van Breda is an accomplished public speaker and is highly experienced in running and organising discussion seminars on topics related to doing business in a rapidly changing world. He gained his formal academic qualifications in the Netherlands, was a professional sports athlete and managed football, baseball and field hockey teams.

"Luuk is a passionate and charismatic lecturer with profound knowledge on how to address soft skill deficiencies in nowadays corporate world. He doesn't mind going the extra mile and always thrives for the best in people"

Learning Objectives

This programme is designed to help participants to:

  • Determine which things to do that are important, which might be able to be omitted and how to say "no"
  • Delegate, where feasible and therefore use time in the most effective way possible
  • Control distractions that waste time, and how to resolve to eliminate them
  • Optimise quality time, enabling you to relax and enjoy appropriate work / life balance
  • Identify and make use of personal "up" and "down" time and use SMART Goals

Module Contents

By the end of the 2 day course, participants should be able to discuss and demonstrate:

  • How to prioritise issues: Do it - Defer it - Delegate it - Dump it. This will help participants decide which tasks to concentrate on first and how to work on the most important things so that they are more productive.
  • How to handle distractions and interruptions: By knowing how to handle such distractions and interruptions, participants will quickly appreciate how much extra time they have to concentrate on their work.
  • How to say no to anything that will waste your time: How to say no, and choosing to concentrate on priorities instead, participants will better appreciate how to allocate time to people who truly need their attention during work hours. If a person has additional time, they also learn how to avoid the real risk of wasting this when it could be spent more productively.
  • How to develop a positive attitude towards your work: This will assist participants to better develop their own initiative in order to work smarter and be positive about the work they do, and how to overcome the temptation to procrastinate.

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