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May 2017

4 Types of People Who Can Benefit from Online Learning

In today’s digital age, learning resources are increasingly made available online.

Many schools are now adopting a hybrid learning approach, which incorporates digital, social, and physical learning in the curriculum. For instance, LSBF in Singapore’s ACCA Online enables students who will be sitting for the ACCA examinations to study at a more flexible and customised pace, without sacrificing quality learning.

You may ask, how can the ACCA Online cater to the different needs of students? Here’s a breakdown of four categories of people that can benefit from this programme:

1. The busy working student

It is not uncommon to hear that students often take part-time jobs to supplement their weekly allowance, or even work full-time in the day. While this fosters a sense of independence, it can take a huge toll on a student’s learning development, especially when they are unable to attend lessons due to work conflicts.

The problem with classroom lessons can be eliminated with online learning, as the course can be accessed anytime and anywhere, without having to worry if there is a clash in schedules between study and work.

2. The shy introvert

Asking questions or clarifying concepts during class can be a scary experience for some people, particularly to those who are more introverted in nature.  They don’t want to be a burden to the class by slowing down the lecturer. There are also those who would prefer to learn on their own accord without pressure from other students.

According to American psychologist E.L. Thorndike’s Theory of Connectionism, all learning is gained through trial and error. Online learning enables shy students to have the safe space they need to learn.

3. The slow (but steady) learner

Some students just need more time than others to fully understand and internalise concepts taught in class. More often than not, teachers are not able to adhere to everyone’s learning pace due to the sheer class size, which results in some students being inevitably left behind.

As such, having an online programme to follow is a godsend, because with LSBF’s ACCA Online you can play and replay certain confusing concepts that were unclear during class. What's more, the online programme provides you with access to local course material including quizzes, resources, and mock exams. There is no longer the stress of having to catch up with the fast pace of lectures. Instead, the pace of learning is catered to your own comfort level. It is as though you are having your own private tutor!

4. The kiasu student

This one is for (almost) all our true blue Singaporeans out there! Kiasu-ism is one quality that has been ingrained in us since the start of our education – anything that can increase our competitiveness, whether it means piling on after-school activities, or employing the most successful (and pricey) private tutors.

Thankfully, there is a more economical alternative for kiasu students who are seeking to excel in their ACCA examinations. The online programme will feature video lessons from LSBF in Singapore’s local tutors, instead of from the UK. This is probably one of the most salient points of this programme.  After all, you cannot call yourself an accountant without knowing the local laws and nuances of doing business in Singapore. With the tutors sharing their experience and knowledge of the local environment, rest assured you are in good hands.

As Donna J. Abernathy, editor of Training + Development Magazine rightly puts it, "online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.” As technology infiltrates every part of our lives, it becomes inevitable that you will have to deal with it in some form as you become an accountant.  To that end, it is fair to say that ''technology in learning is a matter of when, not if.''

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