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Nov 2015

Career Seminar For LSBF in Singapore’s Korean ACCA Students

Last week, LSBF Singapore’s Korean ACCA students attended a seminar delivered by a Korean career consultancy. It was organised by LSBF’s Business Developer, Seo Eun Jeong, who oversees the school’s Korean business.

The students were introduced to Singapore’s work culture and job trends, as well as administrative processes such as obtaining a working pass and visa.

One student commented that she found this session extremely beneficial, as most international students studying in LSBF would like to work in Singapore upon completing their studies.

She further added that students need to be adaptable to different work environments and that understanding the local job trends is important for overseas students seeking a job.

These seminars are conducted often by LSBF in Singapore as part of a commitment to providing students with the best career guidance and counselling to help them with their career aspirations.

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