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Oct 2017

How to Stand Out in the Business World as a Fresh Grad

Every year, business programmes produce some of the highest graduate numbers in Singapore. In 2015 alone, there were 5,455 business graduates from local polytechnics and 1,619 from public universities, according to the Ministry of Education.

Those looking to enter the business world undoubtedly face stiff competition, and having a general business certificate may no longer guarantee you a job offer. In a sea of business graduates, how can you differentiate yourself from everyone else?

Advance Your Knowledge

Having a Master’s degree, such as a Master of Business Administration or Master of Science in Finance, can give you a striking edge in the business world. Multinational companies generally favour candidates with global mind-sets, high level analytical skills, and managerial capabilities – all of which are emphasised in a Master’s programme.

In the broad world of business, it might also help to become a specialist in a particular sector. For instance, pursuing a Specialised Degree can equip you with specific knowledge and skills that other graduates may not possess, and this can boost your value in unique areas such as banking. Taking a Supplementary Qualification can also let employers know that you are invested and resolute in your field of choice.

Gain Short-term Experience

Many fresh grads are too focused on finding full-time employment and tend to turn a blind eye to internships and contract positions. Instead of spending months trying to secure a full-time job in a sluggish economy, consider taking up one or two short-term roles to gain real-world experience. You would have more experiences and skills to add to your resume, which is always better than having none at all.

Build an Online Network and Presence

LinkedIn can be a rich source of contacts and insights for businesspeople. Get started by building a detailed profile of yourself and connecting with people around you, such as university alumni and professors. To make your profile stand out, you can identify your personal brand through a Creative Headline and seek endorsements from your network.

Keep your profile updated and stay active on the site – share and contribute content that is relevant to your field and engage in others’ posts. As most employers will ‘Google’ you before arranging an interview or making an offer, having a polished and strong online presence can help you get one foot in the door.

Master Your Soft Skills

Technical competence is certainly important, but your Soft Skills can be the main catalyst for your career success. In a business environment, your work ethic, emotional intelligence, and aptitude in communication, critical thinking and teamwork are essential to both your professional life and organisational success. As what EY’s Julie Bisson said, “Someone may have sound knowledge about their specific line of work, but that talent is limited if it is not delivered effectively.”

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