LSBF Singapore Launches New School of Technology

LSBF Singapore Launches New School of Technology


LSBF Singapore recently launched the School of Technology (SOT) in line with the strategic plans for FY2021 and beyond. The School introduces a multitude of computing and technology programmes with industrial impact for students. The SOT’s mission is to make a real and positive impact on students’ learning by producing graduates who are ready for industry and leadership and will be able to shape both research and industry practices around the world.

SOT commits to ensuring that all students have access to powerful experiences through active learning which prepares them for their future studies, research and employment. The School also intends to create a new vision of ICT education for LSBF, focusing on eliminating the laboratory and classroom learning experience gap. 

LSBF SOT’s multifaceted approach will enable students to experience the transformative potential of learning. Students will be able to collaborate and achieve essential knowledge and skillsets through a well-planned blended learning approach whether on campus in Singapore, via LIVE online lessons from other remote locations (part of the global classroom initiative) and/or through its completely asynchronous online model.

Dr Preethi Kesavan will be heading the new School of Technology. She attained her PhD from the University of Canberra and has extensive teaching and school administration experience. She is a contemporary architect of flexi-learning, blended learning, e-learning and education management.

The School of Technology will launch with courses in computer science, data science, cloud computing, cybersecurity and forensics, and many more short, industrial professional qualifications in technology areas.

Mr Rathakrishnan Govind, CEO, LSFB Global, said: “We have lined-up more than six university partnerships for FY2021 to bring tech programmes to the forefront of our business. With government tech skills funding space equally being developed, we are well prepared and pivoted for the new normal. This is all part of our strategic intention to pivot away from our traditional model to new refreshing industry-specific impact to our students.”

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