Your Handy Guide to Living and Studying Overseas

Your Handy Guide to Living and Studying Overseas

If one of your resolutions this year is to study abroad, there are many things you should start preparing for right now. As exciting as it is for you to begin this new adventure, we understand that it can be an intimidating experience.

For this reason, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you along with your overseas education journey!

Keep Track of Your Expenses

Spending money overseas can be tricky when you’re not familiar with the currency. Furthermore, it can be tempting to splurge on that cute accessory or lavish cuisine, especially when you know that they aren’t typically available in your homeland. Be sure to keep track of your spending and allocate a specific budget to different areas, such as food, entertainment, transport, and emergency expenses. This can help to prevent overspending – after all, you wouldn’t want to live off instant noodles every day because your finances have run dry. 

Expand Your Social Circle

When on foreign land, it’s natural to want to stick with people from your homeland for easier communication. While there’s nothing wrong with having friends of the same nationality, you should remember that one of the reasons you might have gone abroad in the first place is to gain new experiences.

Break away from your comfort zone and try mingling with both the local and international students. This not only reduces your chances of feeling lonely in a foreign country but it also allows you to learn from different cultures and nationalities. It’s an effective way to gain a global perspective, enabling you to be adaptable to a diverse working environment in the future.

Find Out the Best Way to Get Around


Familiarise yourself with the country’s public transport system and street names so that you know the best routes for getting to school and back home. It’s also good to acquaint yourself with essential places, such as supermarkets, banks, and even the nearest clinic or hospital. 

Learn Local Lingo 


Every country has a unique way of conversing. Avoid the confusion and culture shock by reading up on local slangs and greetings. For example, in Australia, “barbie” is a slang for barbeque while “arvo” means afternoon. Plus, Australians typically greet each other with a “G’day mate!” and refer to McDonald's as “Maccas”!

Before moving overseas, we also recommend that you:

  • Secure your accommodation early so that you won’t be left stranded without a roof over your head.
  • Apply for your student visa months in advance to avoid any last-minute delays.
  • Find out where your international embassy is located in the country you’ll be studying in. In times of crisis or natural disasters, the embassy can give you protection and support.

You don’t have to decide between study and travel – create your own adventure by doing both! 

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