Listen it

Listen it

Listen IT! Listening to online radio stations is a great way to develop your English listening skills by getting used to the speed, intonation and varied English accents that native English speakers have. Here are some of the top places to get your online radio fix: BBC iPlayer Radio, TuneIn, VOA Newscasts and NPR. This is just a simple list but with continued practise your listening skills will begin to develop and get better over time.

You have to keep in mind that developing your listening g skills will not happen overnight and it would be a good idea to create a time in your daily routine to set a regular scheduled time to devote to listening practice. On your way to school on the bus or the MRT is an ideal time to do so. Pop on the BBC radio and see what is happening all over the world. When you are at home cooking dinner turn on the radio there and just have a listen.

Passive listening will help you to hear and take on new phrases and news words, if you have a chance as well don’t forget to write down anything that you have hear that might be useful for you in the future  So remember guys LISTEN IT. Have a great day 

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