Opening Doors to the World

Opening Doors to the World
Bhagya Rathnayaka

We speak to our recent Advanced Diploma in Business Studies (ADBS) graduate, Bhagya Rathnayaka, to find out more about her experience working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

Tell us more about yourself.

Bhagya: I come from a humble family in Sri Lanka. I have five years of work experience in accounting, human resource (HR) and administration in my homeland.

Why did you choose LSBF in Singapore to pursue your ADBS?

Bhagya: One of my friends who was studying at LSBF told me that the ADBS is suitable for those looking to explore areas of management. After doing some research on the course, I applied without hesitation!

What did you find most enjoyable in your diploma programme?

Bhagya: I particularly enjoyed the Human Resource Management module due to my interest in this area. Apart from that, I also liked that the programme involved group presentations, which kept lessons interesting. 

What were some challenges you faced during your programme, and how did you overcome them?

Bhagya: It was my first time studying with many international students. As I was not fluent in English at that time, I had slight difficulty communicating with them. Thankfully, everyone was great to work with!

Tell us more about your current job.

Bhagya: I am currently working as a guest relations executive at Al Bustan Specialty Hospital in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The role is very HR-centric as I get to interact with and handle patients. I am involved in patient registration and billing, as well as general guidance for their needs.

How did you manage to get this job?

Bhagya: After graduation, I visited UAE and chanced upon this opportunity. I decided to give it a shot, and here I am! As I come from a middle-class family, the opportunity to work in Abu Dhabi – the capital of UAE – was hard to pass up. I would also like to thank the lecturers at LSBF for imparting knowledge to me and preparing me for such opportunities!

What are your goals and plans for the future?

Bhagya: I would like to pursue a Master’s degree and find employment in a European country next! 

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