Top 7 Computer Science Career Paths

Top 7 Computer Science Career Paths

Studying computer science at an advanced level can help you gain several technical and non-technical skills, from programming to leadership, which are highly valued by international employers.

This will open doors for you to choose from a wide range of highly specialised areas when it comes to selecting a career path and increase your ability to climb up the corporate hierarchy.

According to a study published on the Georgetown University’s Centre on Education and Workforce website, the economic value of college majors related to trending subjects such as computer science has a higher growth trajectory of up to $3.4 million in annual earnings than students who chose to study humanities and liberal arts majors.

If you are interested in exploring computer science careers, it is important to find out why enrolling on a computer science course in Singapore can help you gain the biggest return on investment from your studies and gain valuable industry-specific skills that are needed to break into the modern business industry.

Degree in Computer Science

Computer science courses taught in Singapore are well-curated with a customised module structure that can help launch your computer science career path with a sound foundation based on a range of technical and soft skills.

This is a perfect gateway for students who are aiming to make a strong start to their professional journey and add substantial professional experience to build a resume that will attract success.

Careers in Computer Science

Developing trending computer science skills can make your candidature high in demand across many different business sectors, primarily because computer technologies are integral to every aspect of modern life.

So, what are some of the most exciting careers that can be accessed via a computer science course from Singapore?

  1. Software development engineer – this job profile will require you to build a variety of software and applications for business organisations of all sizes, from leading global companies like Amazon and Google to start-ups.
  2. Web developer – this role involves designing a website using programming languages such as C++ or HTML for all types of digital platforms.
  3. Multimedia programmer – to apply for this position you must possess the technical skills needed to develop multimedia features including video, animation, 2D or 3D modelling, digital photography, graphics and texts.
  4. Network architect – your responsibilities as a networking professional will include discussing network plans with management to help create strategic business practices, using the Internet, Wide Area Networks (WANs) and Local Area Networks (LANs).
  5. System analyst – the role of a computer system analyst primarily involves making recommendations or improvements to upgrade an organisation’s computer systems by conducting thorough research.
  6. IT consultant – This will allow you to represent a broad role within the IT sector where you will be advising clients on the designing, planning, usage and installation of information technology systems to meet their respective brand objectives.
  7. Technical writer – With an extensive knowledge of computer science, you can earn a living by producing instructions or descriptions to help the target audience of a brand understand how to use a particular product or service. 

How to Get into a Computer Science Career

The rising need of leveraging technology in almost every facet of business ensures that graduates with a computer science background have greater employment prospects to construct a career in the industry.

Here are a few tips that can help you cherish the gratification of connecting and protecting tech users across the globe.

  1. Choose the Right Degree

Selecting a degree in computer science offered in Singapore can help you focus on your employability by following a specific academic career path, and obtaining professional experience based on the applied and practical approaches to learning.

  1. Attend the Placements Offered

The next step is to decide on a computer science area that you want to specialise in and apply for entry-level IT job roles where you can work on practical projects and prepare for a thriving computer science career path.

  1. Get a Strong Foundation

Topping up your degree in computer science with popular certifications, such as ethical hacking, security+, governance of enterprise IT and PMP (Project Management Professional) can help you take up global job profiles with confidence.

  1. Develop Relevant Soft Skills

Opting for a degree in computer science from Singapore will allow you to develop teamwork and business communication skills, along with the possibility of developing professional connections and the ability to demonstrate agile project management techniques.

  1. Participate in Global Competitions

To succeed beyond your academic specialty, you must acquire new skills and showcase them by entering computer science-related conferences and competitions to meet local and national employers.

Why Choose Computer Science?

Completing a computer science degree in Singapore is the perfect choice for aspiring information technology professionals to brush up on their existing knowledge and enhance their current careers by utilising valuable computer science skills.

Pursue a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Science today from London School of Business and Finance Singapore (LSBF SG) and become qualified for jobs with computer science responsibilities.


Frequently Asked Questions About a Computer Science Career

  1. Can Computer Scientists Find a Role in the Field of Education?

Pursuing a computer science career in teaching or IT training is a great way to strengthen your knowledge about the academic field and allows you to venture into research opportunities and apply for a PhD in the future.

  1. Can I Get a Decent Job with an Associate Degree in Computer Science?

Jobs with a computer science background are mostly high-paying and rewarding profiles, no matter the type of certificate or degree you possess. With an associate degree in computer science, you can choose to take up employment in the management or journalism division, and even apply for database administrator jobs.

  1. What is the Average Salary with a Computer Science Degree?

The computer science industrial sector is always expanding, there is a huge demand for experts who can solve digital issues. Some of the most exciting opportunities in the computer science field can help you earn a minimum of $89,000 to over $140,000 annually, as a starting salary.

This article was written by Deblina Dam and edited by Olly Cox.


Suggested Programmes

Foundation Diploma

This foundation diploma has been developed as an initial qualification for students who have completed their O-Level and/or high school education, and are aiming to embark on a career in the business & IT industry.

Diploma in Information Technology

The Diploma in Information Technology (IT) provides students with the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to meet career opportunities in the IT industry.

Diploma in Data Analytics

The Diploma in Data Analytics has been developed to provide a qualification for students who are seeking to work in the Business Analytics Industry or in occupations where Big Data management will be of utility.

Higher Diploma in Computer Science

The Higher Diploma in Computer Science aims to achieve an international standard of high-quality training which will lead to a universally recognised qualification, enabling graduates to pursue a career in computer science or enrol in undergraduate programmes at a university.

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