Is cyber security a good career in 2022?

Is cyber security a good career in 2022?

Since the turn of the 21st century, cyber security as an industrial profession has grown exponentially, accelerating its growth even further amid the pandemic.

With more and more organisations investing their money into cyber security technology, there are plenty of opportunities for people to learn cyber security topics and work remotely.

So, now is a great time to learn how to start a career in cyber security and gain the right skills. 

A degree in cyber security promises job security

From healthcare and finance to entertainment and retail, cyber security is known to offer a diversity of employment options across all industries.

As every industrial sector is gearing up to face cyber security challenges, there’s a high demand for professionals who are experts in information security analysis and can ensure that all business data remains safe and secure.

Studying for a bachelor’s degree in cyber security is a great way to prepare for a career in the cyber field. It is important to choose a course curriculum that allows you to make an impact on overcoming the challenges related to data security. 

Cyber security career path

As a cyber security professional, you will be eligible to apply for opportunities in countless disciplines and fields with job profiles that can be both satisfying and rewarding, besides being lucrative.

Depending on your experience, you can choose a profile based on your personality, interests and level of proficiency.

Entry-level - The early-stage cyber security job profiles that you can apply for right after graduation includes network engineer, security administrator, systems administrator and network administrator.

Mid-level - If you have already gained substantial experience in the field of cyber security and can create practical solutions and motivate others, you may begin to look for cyber security roles such as IT auditor, penetration tester, cyber security analyst and security technician.

Senior-level - Roles like cyber security engineer, chief information security officer and cyber security manager are available at the senior level. These roles are suited to those who like to stay on top of the latest IT technologies and enjoy researching innovative concepts.

How long does it take to become a cyber security professional?

The demand for cyber security professionals has increased with the rise of remote working facilities posing greater exposure to information security risks.

A recently published article from Deloitte suggests that 47% of employees fall for phishing scams while working at home, with the City of London Police reporting that since January 2020, over £11 million has been lost due to Covid-19 scams.

Considering a cyber security career path is the best way to learn how to prevent such breaches of data and other means of exploitation by network systems, which you can achieve by studying a cyber security network bachelor’s degree online.

You can complete this degree from Singapore in three years if you choose to study full-time or alternatively study part-time for five years.

How to improve your cyber security skills

There are several ways to build a solid foundation for your cyber security career path. Here are some tips to improve your cyber security knowledge and skills.

Get a degree

Singapore has multiple certifications and qualifications available in the cyber security field, specially designed for professionals that come with a series of podcasts, books, mock tests and lectures delivered by experts.

Earn a certificate

Applying for a cyber security diploma certificate can help you understand the industry further, no matter the type of organisation you're currently engaged with or your previous undergraduate programme.

Participate in competitions

Participating in real-world projects as part of your bachelor’s degree curriculum in cyber security can keep you updated with the latest innovations in the field of information technology.

Attend events and presentations

Attending conferences posted by other experts in cyber security can help you learn more about the current trends within the industrial sector and participate in discussion boards or forums to learn about new cyber security threats, strategies and technologies.

Is cyber security a good career?

Opting for a cyber security career path is one of the smartest decisions that you can make. It boasts employment stability, opportunities for growth and a lengthy list of innovative research pathways to look forward to.

The Bachelor of Science (Honours) in cyber security and networks programme offered by the London School of Business and Finance Singapore (LSBF SG) can help you take a step closer to getting a job as a cyber security specialist and working with cutting edge technology to accelerate your career.

Visit our website today to sign up for a cyber security online degree that provides you with the in-depth education and training needed to acquire cyber security industry-specific skills today.

Frequently asked questions

Is cyber security hard to get into?

Starting a career in cyber security means being part of a fast-growing industrial sector with a variety of employment prospects. If you haven’t worked in the cyber security field before, then gaining experience via a part-time online course from Singapore is the best way to learn about the fundamental concepts.

Is cyber security the right career for you?

If you are already employed in a tech-related field and have a knack for ethical hacking techniques, the networking infrastructure and information technology administration, then preparing for a cyber security career path through an online programme in Singapore can help you dive deep into the field, gain in-demand skills and kick start an exciting new career.

Does cyber security pay well?

The salary prospects of cyber security professionals and associated tech-focused positions are incredibly strong with an annual median salary of SGD $153,703.

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