Master’s in Finance - The Gateway to a Financial Career in Singapore

Master’s in Finance - The Gateway to a Financial Career in Singapore

Finance is one of the most dynamic fields one could hope to enter after graduation. Working in this sector allows you to deal with substantial capital reserves, shape a company’s future or even build your own company from scratch. In addition to networking with influential figures in the finance world, you could also become a thought leader in the global financial domain too.

If you are interested in a domain with immense career diversity, the finance sector is the ideal route to pursue. You can choose from many roles and positions belonging to different fields like financial accounting, financial management or taxation.

So, how do you start a career in finance? You can begin by acquiring finance-oriented qualifications.

An advanced course like a master’s degree in finance can help you master the art of strategic thinking and making informed financial decisions. These courses usually have a final year research module or a capstone project that allows you to apply your learning in real life.

Read ahead to get a better idea of the benefits of masters in finance programmes from a highly developed country like Singapore.

Scope of a masters in finance in Singapore

Singapore is one of the world’s largest financial and trading hubs and is home to thousands of MNCs and local companies. It should therefore come as no surprise that this small country is one of the top destinations for a financial career.

Major banking corporations like Bank of Singapore, Goldman Sachs, Morgan McKinley and Hudson have their regional offices in Singapore. As such, there are numerous lucrative career opportunities for qualified finance graduates.

A recent news report  by reported that the Singapore finance sector actually had around 2,800 new jobs in 2020, despite the pandemic. The data released by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower has classified the finance sector as “fairly resilient” and predicted that the industry probably suffered the least impact from the pandemic.

An advanced degree in finance from Singapore can open up many exciting roles and positions in the country’s financial sector. You can get an understanding of a few interesting masters in finance careers below.

1. Corporate investment banker

Investment bankers in the corporate space figure out how companies can make money and enhance their financial standing. The role requires expert knowledge of market conditions and probabilities. You should therefore be capable of carrying out immense financial research and have strong analytical skills.

A 2019 report by stated that Singapore’s investment banking associates were earning an average annual salary of S$171,000 in that year.

2. Financial analyst

As a financial analyst, you will be expected to use your analytical capabilities to evaluate the market and identify new investment opportunities for your clients.

Analysts need to carefully examine vast amounts of data to spot financial patterns or anomalies. They then interpret these patterns to develop actionable insights that can help their clients achieve their financial goals.

Want to enter the fascinating world of financial analytics? The Master of Science in Finance offered by the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) in Singapore can be the right programme for you!

The programme allows you to graduate with advanced knowledge of financial concepts and strategies which can prepare you for banking or corporate careers. You also have the opportunity to learn advance financing in the heart of Singapore, one of the biggest financial hubs in Asia.

The programme has a relevant module that helps you develop strong analytical skills and provides a thorough understanding of finance applications. These abilities can help you cope with the challenges of a financial analyst’s job. If you are interested in becoming a chartered financial analyst, the programme is excellent for your CFA preparation.

Click here to learn about other features of this programme at LSBF in Singapore. reports that the average annual salary for financial analysts in Singapore can be around S$54,606.

3. Financial advisor

Financial advisors can take on different kinds of clients from single individuals to multinational corporations. They help their clients with specialised knowledge regarding investment options, real estate planning, investment taxation or insurance protection.

They also explain the risks associated with different investment alternatives and suggest financial plans that suit their clients’ financial goals and risk appetites. data shows that an average financial advisor in Singapore can make around S$50,336 every year.

Other common roles for finance graduates include stockbrokers, actuaries, financial managers and commodities sales agents. However, the list of jobs can go above and beyond what is mentioned here.

Finding the right finance job depends on your academic standards and the quality of teaching in your degree. Therefore, a postgraduate finance degree from a reputed university can be monumental for your finance career.

Suggested Programmes

Diploma in Accounting and Finance

This diploma will prepare you for a successful career in the financial sector. You will also learn about cost accounting, international business management, quantitative methods and much more.

Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Finance

Gain the key skills you need to start your career in finance. Alternatively, this diploma can be your first step towards a higher education qualification.

Higher Diploma in Accounting and Finance

This diploma, designed to help you achieve your academic and professional goals, focuses on complex financial subjects including taxation, auditing and business law.

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