Dispute Resolution Procedure

Grievance Dispute Flowchart

Dispute Resolution Procedure 2014

Appeals for retention, suspension, expulsion, awards, etc. are handled by the Academic department supported by the School's Operation & Exams Office departments depending on the type of appeals.

All formal feedback are referred to the ODCQA Department via the feedback channels below:

  • Email to feedback@lsbf.edu.sg– acknowledged within 1 working day.
  • FRM-047 Feedback Form (suggestion boxes) – acknowledged within 2 working days.
  • Social Media (Facebook) – acknowledged within 1 working day and post may be hidden on the discretion of management. Follow up on feedback via social media shall be made through email. LSBF shall not handle resolution via facebook messaging/ reply to posts.
  • Acknowledgement and resolution to feedback are subject to availability of the student/party contact information.
  • If the feedback is not a complaint, the relevant HODs take actions and notify ODCQA and students/party (if required).
  • In the event that LSBF and the student/party could not resolve a dispute amicably, the student/party shall be referred to the CPE Student Services Centre.
  • Disputes referred to CPE Student Services may be resolved via CPE’s Dispute Resolution Mechanism as below:
  • Dispute cases which are referred to CPE Student Services Centre may be resolved via CPE’s Dispute Resolution Mechanism as stated below:

  • Where the dispute is pertaining to other regulatory requirements such as personal data protection, then the dispute will be logged with the Personal Data Protection Commission.
  • Other relevant public agencies may be notified where it is deemed necessary.

Should there be any unresolved issues that cannot be settled amicably, the student may approach the CPE Student Services Centre (www.cpe.gov.sg) for assistance.

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