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Adjunct Lecturers (Chinese Business Department) Adjunct View job
Adjunct Lecturer (School of Hospitality) Adjunct View job
Adjunct Lecturers (School of Business) Adjunct View job
Adjunct CFA Lecturers Adjunct View job
OBU Mentor  Adjunct View job
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Cleaners/Janitors Full Time View job
Business Development Managers (India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Singapore) Full Time View job

Fair Employment Practices Certification

London School of Business & Finance (LSBF) in Singapore is proud to receive the Fair Employment Practices Certification from the Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP).

This certification recognises LSBF as sharing the vision of adopting fair and merit-based employment practices in the management of its human resources, adhering to the 5 key principles of fair employment practices that the Tripartite partners – the Ministry of Manpower, the National Trades Union Congress and the Singapore National Employers Federation endorse.

LSBF is committed to the implementation of the following fair employment practices:

  • Recruit and select employees on the basis of merit (such as skills, experience or ability to perform the job), and regardless of age, race, gender, religion, family status or disability.
  • Treat employees fairly and with respect and implement progressive human resource management systems.
  • Provide employees with equal opportunity to be considered for training and development based on their strengths and needs, to help them achieve their full potential.
  • Reward employees fairly based on their ability, performance, contribution and experience.
  • Abide by labour laws and adopt Tripartite Guidelines which promote fair and responsible employment practices.

Fair Employment Practices Certification