Our Academic & Examination Boards

Examination Board

The responsibilities of the Examination Board are to ensure:

  • That examinations and assessments are approved through the relevant procedure;
  • That examinations reflect the syllabus, learning outcomes and agreed assessment strategy;
  • That information conveyed to student about assessments is updated in line with changes;
  • The security of examination scripts, assessments and answer scripts;
  • That duties and responsibilities of invigilation are carried out correctly;
  • Policy and processes for marks standardisation, marking and double marking are followed;
  • That marks recorded for students are accurate;
  • That results are delivered within agreed timeline;
  • That statistical trend data is used to inform improvement plans;
  • Moderation of examination and assessment marks;
  • That the instances of unfair practice are investigated and dealt with in accordance with Unfair Practice Policy and Procedure;
  • The handling of appeals from students with regard to examination and assessment matters;
  • Regular review and update the assessment specification

Examinations Board Members:

  • Kasturi Dhanapal, Member
  • Wong Wai Chi, Member
  • Feroza Cooper, Member
  • Ludwig Christopher Eric, Member
  • Zuo Congrong, Member
  • Goh Lye Ling Yvonne, Member
  • Teo Teck Choon, Member
  • Ratissh S/O Balakrishnan
Qualifications of Examination Board Members:
  • Kasturi Dhanapal
    - BA in business administration; Nottingham Trent University
  • Wong Wai Chi
    - Master of Arts (Educational Management); Nanyang Technological University
  • Feroza Cooper
    - Master of Science in Business Administration; Boston University
  • Ludwig Christopher Eric
    - Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Science (University of Illinois)
  • Zuo Congrong
    - MBA, Hull University
  • Goh Lye Ling Yvonne
    - Masters in Taxation, Singapore Institute of Management
  • Teo Teck Choon
    - Doctor of Business Administration; University of South Australia
  • Ratissh S/O Balakrishnan
    - BA (Hons) Hospitality Management; University of Salford

Academic Board

The responsibilities of the Academic Board include maintaining the highest standards in teaching, learning, assessment and professional practice.

The AB is also responsible for overseeing the development of all academic activities of the School, formulating and reviewing policies, guidelines and procedures in relation to academic matters.

It also advises the CEO and senior management of London School of Business & Finance on all matters related to the academic functioning of the School and engages with the wider academic community to promote debate on academic matters.

The Academic Board may establish committees to undertake work on it's behalf and/or to make recommendations on specific matters such as discipline, academic progress and appeals, etc.

Academic Board members:

  • James Kirkbride, Chairman
  • Wong Wai Chi, Member
  • Zuleha D/O Harun Rashid, Member
  • Goh Kia Meng Terrence, Member
  • Kasturi Dhanapal, Member
Qualifications of Academic Board Members:
  • James Kirkbride
    - PhD; Leeds Metropolitan University
  • Wong Wai Chi
    - Master of Arts (Educational Management); Nanyang Technological University
  • Zuleha D/O Harun Rashid
    - Bachelor of Arts (Communication & Media Management); University of South Australia
  • Goh Kia Meng Terrence
    - Master of Business Administration; Nanyang Technological University
  • Kasturi Dhanapal
    - BA in business administration; Nottingham Trent University
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