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London School of Business & Finance in Singapore offers English courses to suit all needs and abilities, with a particular emphasis on the use of English in the business world. English is the most widely spoken language in the world and is the universal language of business and trade, so it's impossible to overestimate its global importance.

An understanding of English is crucial to any individual who wishes to be successful in international business. An English course in Singapore with us covers speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar, equipping students with the skills they need to communicate effectively in an English language environment.

Whether a student needs to learn English in Singapore to enhance their curriculum vitae (CV), gain entry into higher education or simply to improve their English business vocabulary, we're certain there is a choice for everyone with the courses we have as follows:

Preparatory Course in English (PCE)

Preparatory Course in English (PCE) at the Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels are designed to help students who have some fluency in using English but may have little confidence in using English academically. The course focuses on equipping students to be fluent and confident in using English, to the end that they can progress to tertiary courses taught in LSBF.

Students will build solid foundation in speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as grammar, structure and vocabulary. Preparatory English and Academic English are the key themes of this course. At the end of the course, students can expect to achieve a level of confidence and expertise in using English in an academic environment and in public. Learn more.

Foundation Course in English

The Foundation Course in English is a 3-month foundational English programme that focuses on developing students’ proficiency level in the English language for general, everyday use.

This course is for students who desire a well-rounded blend of general, academic and professional English and is a stepping stone for those who wish to further their studies or work in an English-speaking environment. Learn more.

Weekly General English

Whether you are at elementary, intermediate, or even advanced level, our Weekly General English classes will provide different courses to develop your speaking fluency and improved grammar at the respective levels through free conversation practice and guided course literature. The communicative approach is integrated with task based learning. Learn more.

Business English Programmes

The focus of this course is the study of English for business purposes. There is considerable focus on Business English as well as an Academic English component developing and consolidating student’s knowledge and practise of grammar, structure and vocabulary.

Students will practise writing business correspondence and making presentations. Academic and key skills include learning strategies, research and organisational skills; business communication and IT skills; intercultural and interpersonal skills. Learn more.

LSBF English Summer Camp

Seize the opportunity to improve your English and explore Singapore, one of the most exciting, international cities in the world. Singapore is where East meets West, combining the best of both cultures in a modern, dynamic city. Learn more.

To find out more about our English courses in Singapore, please call us on +65 65807700 or send us an email to Info@LSBF.edu.sg

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