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ACCA Papers: F5, F7, F9, P2, P4, P5


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ACCA Prize Winners

ACCA Paper Name of Winner Placement
In Singapore Worldwide
June 2012 Exam Sitting
F7 - Financial Reporting (Singapore) Ahmad Hussaini Bin Firdaus 2nd 13th
P2 - Corporate Reporting (Singapore) Alice Jacob 3rd 14th
December 2011 Exam Sitting
P4 - Advanced Financial Management Cassandra Lo 1st 3rd
F9 - Financial Management Ng Wei Jie 2nd 5th
P4 - Advanced Financial Management Ou Jia Ming 2nd 11th
P5 - Advanced Performance Management Cheong Yee Leong 2nd 19th

Ask any student in Singapore to name a tutor for ACCA classes and the chances are they will name Sami. He has been a renowned tutor in Singapore for 15 years and his classes are always fully booked.

His teaching techniques are highly recognised among his students and his students, who follow him through as many exam papers as they can – if they book before the class fills up. Sami’s achievement and his popularity amongst Singapore students, speaks for itself.

Sami has more than 15 years of teaching experience. He was conferred with a Masters in Economics, specialising in Accounting and Finance, from Megatrend University, Graduate School of Business, Belgrade and a Bachelor degree in Economics from National University of Singapore.

Like London School of Business & Finance, he is passionate about teaching and helping students to get through the difficult ACCA exams.

What do students say about Sami?

Alice Jacob, ACCA Prize Winner June 2012,“...I am so grateful to Mr Sami for his clear and concise notes and dedicated approach to delivering the lectures. ...”

Ahmad Hussaini, ACCA Prize Winner June 2012,“...I am happy and greatly humbled to be able to attain such marks. I am thankful to Mr Sami for his good teaching techniques. Mr Sami has been a great tutor...”

Cassandra Lo, ACCA Prize Winner Dec 2011, “Mr Sami’s commitment in delivering lectures of the best quality with clear guidance and strong motivations helped students like me achieve outstanding results...”

Ng Wei Jie, ACCA Prize Winner Dec 2011,“...Mr Sami is always prepared to extend his lectures to ensure that students bring home with a clear and good understanding of the subject...”

Ou Jia Ming, ACCA Prize Winner Dec 2011, “I would like to thank Mr Sami for his efforts and teaching. He is the main reason why I managed to get such wonderful result for the P4 paper...”

Cheong Yee Leong, Sylvester, ACCA Prize Winner Dec 2011, “...Mr Sami is committed and always willing to give help to discuss the subject matter in depth whenever I encounter problems.”

Dave Llewellyn Ng Guan Da, “Mr Sami is a great tutor, who puts his heart into his lectures and engages his students in a jovial manner...”

Woon Shi Min,“...I passed my P2, P4 and P5 papers all in the first attempt and I wouldn't be able to do it without such a good tutor like Mr Sami.”

Ponna Viswanathan, “…I sincerely thank him for all the inspiring words. I am sure that Mr Sami is the reason - for most of the students including me, joining LSBF.”

Htet Htet Win Aye, “...Mr Sami presents in a clear and logical sequence. He covers the subject matter adequately and constructively. He also demonstrates expert knowledge in the topics presented...”

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