Preparatory Course in English (PCE) - Beginners

The Preparatory Course in English (PCE) Beginners programme is a 2 month course focusing on developing students’ proficiency in the English language for their educational and general needs. Throughout the course, students are supported fully and their development is checked frequently by progress assessments.

The curriculum has been designed to ensure a progressive and systematic development of the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, as well as the linguistic competencies (i.e. pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and discourse) at the Beginners level.

Who is this course for?

Students planning to pursue the tertiary pathway in the English medium. These would include those in the field of business management, marketing, international business, accountancy, finance, design and technology management.

It is also ideal for students currently living in Singapore that would like to have strong enough English to perform many of their daily activities without assistance or translation.

Course duration

Course Duration

Classes will be held 5 days / week (5 hours for each day)

Mode of course: Full Time

PCE Levels Total Contact Hours Estimated duration of study including term break
Beginner 200 2 Months

*Approximation only. Course duration may vary due to public holidays, study and term breaks.

Course Fees

S$2247 (Including GST)

Programme Learning Outcomes, Aims and Objectives

Language skills and linguistic competencies are developed in stages, suited to students’ respective proficiency levels. All learning objectives, along with teaching / learning materials are suitably pitched at students’ linguistic capabilities.

The Course encompasses the study of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, as well as grammar and vocabulary. It aims to advance students to an Elementary proficiency level at which point they will be able to take on more challenging linguistic tasks.

PCE Beginners will heavily focus on “Survival English” where the students will be given high frequency words and phrases that can be directly used in their everyday lives in Singapore.

Skill Focus

Modules Details


Listening skills will be developed through the use of authentic material from CDs and the internet. Students will be able to practise listening to different accents, develop and adopt different techniques to aid comprehension. Listening with short, conversational, and set in situations that students are likely to find themselves in.


A large part of the classes will focus on communicative teaching. Students will be expected to participate in basic conversations with a partner or as part of a group. Students will learn a variety of functional language to assist them with everyday conversation. Speaking will also focus on pronunciation, fluency and accuracy.


Reading skills development will focus on improving reading speed and understanding basic texts such as simple letters, mobile texts, and emails. It will also be complemented with an extensive reading program to passively build up fluency, vocabulary, and grammatical understanding.


Writing tasks will be regularly given in class. Students will be developing writing skills such accuracy, organisation, and functional language. Writing will serve as opportunity for students to slowly and deliberately work on their foundational grammatical understanding and basic sentence construction.


Students will develop their pronunciation of individual sounds, intonation, rhythm and stress. Special attention will be given to L1 interference issues.


A variety of functional and high frequency language will be learnt to help and support students with everyday conversations and situations. Students will also be introduced to deliberate vocabulary learning strategies.

Basic Study Skills

It is essential that students learn about their place of study and become more culturally aware. Students will be studying with students from many other cultures and raising their cultural awareness is important. With Basic Study Skills, students will:

  • Become a good learner of English
  • Identify their learner style
  • Learn how to manage their time
  • Learn how to use a dictionary effectively
  • Learn how to work in a team
  • Practise basic presentation skills: leading and participating, using visual aids
  • Organise their learning
  • Store their vocabulary and grammar effectively

a. Learning Outcome

Linguistic competencies are developed in stages, suited to students’ respective proficiency levels. All learning objectives, along with teaching / learning materials are suitably pitched at students’ linguistic capabilities.

PCE Beginner encompasses the study of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, as well as grammar and vocabulary. It aims to place students at an adequate proficiency threshold to begin receiving instruction in more complex language skills (i.e. Business and Academic English skills). Communication Skills are included to complement the study of English, and to further develop students’ speaking skills, along with their pronunciation and discourse competencies. Its main objective is to develop students’ confidence in using the target language for daily communication and academic work.

The Beginner Level introduce high frequency nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Basic sentence structure. Basic pronunciation.

Course Syllabus & Content

The general learning objectives and syllabus contents for each level are as detailed in the lesson plans for each level.

Sarah Cunningham, Peter Moor, Araminta Crace; New Cutting Edge (Starter)
Lindsay Clandfield & Kate Pickering; Global- (Elementary) Course Book; (2012); Macmillan

Additional Reading Texts:
Cunningham, S. & Moor, P. (2004). Cutting Edge Starter: Students’ Book. Madrid: Longman.

Course Assessment

Students will be assessed through the various components relevant to each level. Students will be assessed on their speaking, writing, listening, vocabulary, grammar and reading. In addition to the summative assessment, students will receive feedback through the use of formative assessments which may include in class activities (tests, quizzes, presentations, written work, computer based activities, individual and group work, field trips, homework and individual assignments).

PCE Levels No. of Formal Assessments Weighting
Beginners 2 50% each

The passing criteria will be student needs an overall passing mark in order to proceed to the next level. The passing grade is set at 50%. All the grades awarded will be reviewed and confirmed through the Internal Examination Board and this decision is final and not subject to appeal. London School of Business & Finance also reserves the right to bar students from taking the examination if student fails to achieve the minimum attendance rate stipulated by the school.

Mode of delivery


Certificate awarded

Upon completion of the programme, students will receive a Certificate of Achievement - Preparatory Course in English (PCE) - Beginners, awarded by London School of Business & Finance.

Entry Requirements
  • Admission Requirement
    The Preparatory Course in English programme is offered to both *local (Singaporean) and foreign students who have completed at least year 10 of their high school education and who are interested in pursuing a tertiary education in the English medium in LSBF School of English and / or other international education service providers around the world. All potential students are required to sit for a placement test to ascertain their proficiency levels before admittance into any of these courses.
  • Placement Test
    A placement test is administered before enrolment into the respective level of study. Students will be tested on writing and reading skills at the authorized representative centre. Interview with the student may also be conducted to test student’s oral and listening skills through video conferencing or teleconferencing or other media to gauge student’s proficiency level. Student will be informed after the above tests are completed and finalized which level they qualify.

Minimum Language Requirement

Student Placement Test Results EPT Score IELTS Band Preparatory English Entry Requirements Total Contact Hours and duration of study
including term break
A1 ≤ 29 ≤ 2.9 Beginners 175 hours; 8 weeks

Minimum Age

  • The minimum age for this course is 16 years or above.
Student Teacher Ratio
20 students : 1 teacher

Intake Dates

Every Month


5 days per week of 5-hour lesson, over the course duration.

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