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Professional Presentation Skills

Many people fear public speaking, yet many business professionals are required to deliver powerful presentations as part of their jobs. This could include presenting a business idea to gain budget approval, the progress of a project or a business unit’s status. Whether you are presenting to an individual, a small group or a large audience, it is not knowing just what to do but being able to actually do it.


Besides learning how to prepare a polished presentation, participants will have plenty of opportunities to practice their presentation skills and pick up essential presentation techniques during the course to help them gain the experience and confidence

  • Plan, construct and prepare effective presentations
  • Overcome nervousness and anxiety
  • Deliver more polished and powerful presentations using voice, tone and body language to maximise impact, persuasion and effectiveness
  • Present with enthusiasm, building on their natural ability and personality style
  • Focus attention on the key issues and generate audience interest and acceptance of their message
  • Practice delivery and receive objective feedback from video role-play and analysis
Course Outline
  • Self-Awareness and Personal Power
    The importance of perception / Self-esteem and image projection / Examining your image and credibility / Knowing the personal power you have
  • Planning and Constructing Your Presentation
    Planning for the perfect performance / 7 focal points of a presentation / Structure of a presentation / Writing scripts and using notes / Guidelines for presenting data
  • Analysing the Audience
    Audience empathy styles / Analysing non-verbal contributions / Anticipating audience reactions / Responding to questions confidently and professionally
  • Delivering the Presentation
    Dress for success / Getting into a resourceful state / Making an impact using body language / Speaking with authority, confidence and persuasion / Making friends with your presentation nerves / Handling difficult questions
  • Presentation Practice for all delegates
    5 minutes presentation (video-recorded), 10 minutes feedback each: One each in the morning and one each in the afternoon / Impromptu Presentation Practice – 2 minutes each
Who Should Attend

This course is designed to help any professionals who are taking on the challenges of professional presentation, and require a structured approach in order to present effectively and confidently.

Course Duration

2 days, 10am to 5pm / 12 hours

Learning Materials

Hand-outs and recommended text

Certificate of Attendance

A certificate of attendance will be issued to participants who have attended and completed the programme.

Course Fee


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