Why Banking & Finance

Designed for students who would like to make an impact in the global financial industry, the Diploma in Banking & Finance equips you with the core competencies that will prepare you for a successful career in the industry.

Singapore financial sector aims to create 3,000 net jobs per year, beat national economic growth
Finance posts dominate highest paying jobs in Singapore
MAS working on creating 'good jobs' for Singapore workers in the financial sector
The 13 Singapore banking jobs with the biggest pay rises

The LSBF Choice

Upon graduation from the LIBF programme, students are granted the Charted Associate status on top of the BSc degree. This status is well recognized within the industry globally as well as with employers.

Accounting & Finance
Globally recognized Charted Associate Status for LIBF Degree*

Located in the Central Business District, LSBF’s 2 campuses houses well equipped teaching and learning facilities that serve as a learning and networking hub for students and working executives.

Global city campus

A diverse university with local and international students alike, students work together in class during lessons and outside of class for student-led activities, which provides a broad intercultural experience that will enable them to gain a global perspective.

Cultural diversity

*The Training & Industry Education Award 2016

Your Study Progression

At LSBF, we provide you with a complete education pathway for you to further your studies. Take up the Diploma in Banking & Finance and you can progress to study for your degree with our Banking Practice & Management Programme, provided by The London Institute of Banking & Finance.

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Hear what our students say

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Iaroslew Korounikov
The lecturers pay attention and are ready to help everyone in the classroom. In conclusion, I am satisfied with my experience.
Zheng Xiao Han
The lecturers are responsible, professional and very willing to teach.